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Here We Grow (a writing class)

Well, here we grow.

First off, an introduction: I’m Scott. I’ll be helping Dan with some behind the scenes kinda things, and doing my best to make sure everyone participating grows in such a way that they want to share it with their loved ones. Drop me a line any time with your questions, comments, or suggestions: I’m here to be your guide… and to enjoy the class.

The Class.

We will be meeting online once a week the entire month of June, (five) Mondays 7-9PM CST. Throughout the week, Dan will provide various challenges, suggestions, and feedback on your responses. These assignments are designed to help you move beyond writer’s block, distill your ideas, and develop your unique voice. Click Here to sign up (limited spots available).

When you show up for the work here’s what you can expect:

  • An affirmative and challenging space to write and share. 
  • New tools and exercises you can use to spur creativity and develop your craft.
  • An “excuse” to write and develop several pages of new work in an intentional community of writers in the exact same place as you.
  • You will finish the class a better writer with new practices, resources, and material.

A Community-Fueled Writing Group

Dan will walk you through his writing process as well as others he’s observed; but, the lifeblood of this course will be its community. Dan will offer feedback and encouragement for your work. (Depending on the class size, Scott may fill in as well.) For ongoing input and dialogue, you and the Here We Grow writing community will provide support and new ideas for each other. 

Though the community will take shape in unassumed ways, we expect it to look like this:

  • You will be given homework and encouraged to share video readings of your work to develop a holistic approach to your writing.
  • You will observe the creative process of other like-minded writers of all ages and stripes, while taking part in one another’s creative growth.
  • You will meet new like-minded supportive friends, and hopefully serve to help one another beyond the class.

Hi, Dan here:

I’m excited to get started in our writing class and connect with you! I can’t wait to dive in to your work and share ideas that have been invaluable to me throughout my career. I have been a professional touring musican and poet for nearly 20 years and have had plenty of ups and downs when it comes to writing. I would like to share what I have figured out along the way as well as some of the tools I have learned in the writing classes I have taken. We’ve been working on this for a few months, and wanted to get it kicked off with you in the first class!

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Now booking shows.

Dan is currently seeking booking requests to play curated performances in unique venues for an evening of poetry, music, and story (when it is safe to do so). If you have an idea and would like to book an event with him please email us here: (ie: Universities, Home Shows, Special Venues, Art Galleries, Etc.). Visit the “Performance” page to see current tour dates and sign up to get updates when shows are announced.

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