There We Grew – Poetry Inspired by Dan Smith


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What does it mean to take a joyful risk? In June of 2020, a group of strangers gathered virtually by poet and musician, Dan Smith, to work on the craft of storytelling through writing. With gentle guidance and intuitive prompts like “I grew some more today,” and “I don’t always believe the words I say,” students were asked to free write and share their raw emotions in a secure space. Throughout the month, these raw thoughts were nurtured into beautiful prose, which has been curated into one collection for the first time. There We Grew: Poetry Inspired By Dan Smith will crack you open in unexpected and achingly relatable ways while revealing how inspiration and mentorship can ripple through an audience. Discover how Dan Smith’s unique voice helped shape a new generation of poets in this volume that has been described as, “a really cool idea” by group participants.