So, I'm a human and artist that lives in the USofA. I'm a writer and vocalist for the band Listener. This is a website for some things I want to show you, and for some music and writings I make aside from the band. Also...If you chop your own wood it will warm you twice.
Played in the Hotel de Vogue yesterday in front of the fire place, no fire :(, gonna take a shower and see if I can find some Dijon.
Dijon France.
I drove our van Jackson5 from Vienna to Einsiedeln through the Austrian mountain ranges, Bavaria and the Swiss alps. J5 is only a month old mercedes, but they build them to last just like the Jackson5 tunes. I didn’t get any pictures on that drive, just in my mind….which I’ll probably forget, but it was a beautiful drive…and I got to spend a great night off the tour with my good friends in a tiny town south of Zurich making up stories and sitting in a sauna and just doing nothing. The best! On to Berne…..oh and here’s a crappy picture of a gigantic thousand year old monastery that was outside our hotel.
I got to see a little bit of Zagreb last night before the show. We all went for a walk, and then it started to rain, so we kept walking. Croatia is A-OK with me. On to Vienna!
Berlin automat. Organ döners.
Continental breakfast at the Hotel Wolfinger was pretty ok. It was no Motel6 or a Ho-Jos, but we endured. @kris_rochelle @christinnelson @danerkelly I think being under dressed set us apart in a good way. Let everyone know we were rockers from America, or a trailer somewhere.
Wall of fame behind the mixing board at Stadtwerkstatt.
Played a show in Austria tonight. Made it out of Slovenia to dive head first into Croatia tomorrow. I’m sleeping in one of the cutest hotels I’ve ever slept at in Linz, and I’m not tossing that around lightly. Check out Rick and Morty. G’night.
Your typical American cookies.
Here’s a picture of a street in Prague. The city looks like this with moments of palaces and castles sprinkled in. Like Disney World. Dipping in to Slovenia for a classic Sloven Saturday tonight! Thanks Prague for an awesome show.
Dresden was our last night of three shows in a row with Vögel die Erde Essen in Germany. Hope to see them again soon. @danerkelly got into the coat rack, we have fun out here don’t we? I think it’s my day to drive. Tonight I Praha in Prague.
I stayed and played in Berlin last night. Ate at The White Trash Diner today. I’ve also eaten at other white trash diners, but not “the” one. Had the coolest alien lady watch me sleep and when I woke up I looked out the window and there was the old Berlin Wall (it’s still up, parts of it). I did hear they are moving it to Denver though soon, so watch out. On to Dresden tonight!
Another really nice time at hafenklang in Hamburg last night. Even got some new limited edition Listener records (they look amazing), and I didn’t throw anymore jewelry in the sea. Which is a plus. Pacing, pacing, packing, on to Berlin.