So, I'm a human and artist that lives in the USofA. I'm a writer and vocalist for the band Listener. This is a website for some things I want to show you, and for some music and writings I make aside from the band. Also...If you chop your own wood it will warm you twice.
Little rocks. Les incompetent meeting.
I’ve been out playing shows with my friends, having a truly great time, and have had the pleasure of watching Derek, Josh and Michael play every night. These photos are from their sets in Nashville Tennessee last night. If you can get a chance check out their Internet lives and real life music. They both have put out new records while on this tour. @thgchoir @thejoshscogin @themichaelmcclellan (the homeless gospel choir, ‘68). heading on to Memphis to swim in a pool of Sunday fun. Cya.
Thirdmen trip. Nashvelle
Just woke up from going camping. @usinterior
Howdy partner.
Atlantic city tonight at the boneyard.
Pittsburgh at the Roboto was sweaty and fun all at the same time. Now to the other side of the keystone state for a rock and roll show tonight at Siren Records. Hashbrown-reallydoingitharry.
I was just thinking about our trip to Fort Wayne Indiana. It feels like it was yesterday, but it was really the day before yesterday. Showed up and Dane and Alex got tattoos at Studio13, saw Jake & Jes, bought some flip flops at near a flip flop shop, Zach gave us a personal tour of @sweetwater with @kris_rochelle @christinnelson @thgchoir @danerkelly @thejoshscogin @themichaelmcclellan & @alexmacwilliam, and @carved gave us some really nice telephone cases after we played…much cleaner than my otterbox. We’ve played a good many times in Fort Wayne and it’s always a treat and a pleasure to hang out with friends and see little parts of the town. Thanks to the fellas at Studio13 for continuing to host listener shows. The apple of the Midwest is one of my favorites.
Grand Rapids photo shoot before we played a sweet show. New dudz. hashbrown-dressforthejobyouwantnotforthejobyouhave. Am I right?
Founders in Gd Rapids after some record shopping at Vertigo. Show in the GR tomorrow.
Magic, oTooles, burgers, Reggie’s, records, Chicago night off on a sweet tour with my friends. Can’t beat it. More swimming tomorrow and water aerobics.
Back on the road again with my friends. Be back after a while KC.
I’m on a roof.
They want to go out because after that they get fed. Wake up dan!
Thanks dad.